About Senergia

Senergia is a partner for installers in solar energy, electric vehicle charging and energy storage. We offer products for safe and fast delivery from leading manufacturers. Senergia also drives market-leading skills development through training and certifications for the industry. From order and technical support to safe and fast delivery, Senergia is a reliable partner.

A leading Nordic distributor of renewable energy.

Since 2018, we have provided the market with innovative system solutions and products within solar energy, electric car charging and energy storage. Through local presence in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, we ensure safe and fast deliveries to our customers.


We are also pioneers in providing technical advice and support to our customers. With customized trainings and certifications, we drive to educate the Nordic energy market and promote the transition to renewable energy solutions.

Our core areas

Solar energy

We offer high quality solar energy products and system solutions, enabling the smooth integration of solar energy in different environments.

EV charging

With a focus on the future of mobility, we provide innovative products and solutions for electric vehicle charging.

Energy storage

We are committed to delivering advanced energy storage solutions to optimize the use of renewable energy and create a more sustainable energy market.

Senergia is not just a distributor. We are a partner for our customers and installers.

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Expertise in

Technical support

Our dedicated technical support team is ready to assist and solve technical challenges. We strive to provide quick and efficient solutions to ensure smooth installations and deployments.

Technical sales

With a passion for innovation and sustainability, our technical sales representatives work closely with our customers to understand their needs and offer tailor-made solutions. We are proud to represent leading manufacturers and deliver the highest quality products.

Customer support

From order to delivery, our customer support aims to provide a seamless and safe experience. We value strong relationships with our customers and strive to be a trusted partner throughout the process.

The future of Senergia

Senergia has a clear plan to continue to grow through profitable establishment and strengthen the local offer to our customers. We are proud to be a driving force for change in the Nordic energy sector and to shape a more sustainable future together with our partners and customers.


Senergia is a member of El-kretsen and continuously pays recycling fees to ensure sustainable management of electrical products and batteries at the end of their life cycle according to the WEEE directive.


Through our distribution partner, Fraktlogistik AB, we carbon offset the CO2 emissions from our distribution operations to the Solvatten® water purification project.


We work for the sustainable development of the industry and are an active member of the Swedish Solar Energy Association.


Welcome to Senergia – your reliable partner in renewable energy and technical expertise!

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