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Senergia is a partner for installers in solar energy, electric vehicle charging and energy storage. We offer products for safe and fast delivery from leading manufacturers. Senergia also drives market-leading skills development through training and certifications for the industry. From order and technical support to safe and fast delivery, Senergia is a reliable partner.

Solar energy

EV charging

Energy storage


Senergia conducts appreciated trainings in solar energy, energy storage and charging infrastructure. We have developed manuals and offer comprehensive training packages, single courses, certification courses and product trainings with our suppliers. 

Senergia also has a digital training platform with a very extensive course library.

Project planning & Technical support

The right technical solution is essential to achieve a long technical lifetime with an optimal return for the end customer. Senergia’s team of designers will help you with system design of everything from small to large systems. We help you with everything from technical issues to dimensioning and can, for example, help with production simulations, shadow analysis, dimensioning, string design or selection of products and components. We have the Nordic region’s sharpest technical department that is ready to help you with your project.


Senergia offers delivery of goods to the place you want and at the time you want. We cooperate with Fraktlogisik AB for delivery of all solar energy systems and together we can offer a first-class delivery and support. With our arrangement, you as a customer can always get direct contact with the carrier.


Senergia’s central warehouse in Jönköping is 10,000 square meters large and filled to the brim with components for you. Here, goods are picked, packed and shipped in an ever-increasing flow. Senergia offers various special arrangements for logistics regarding warehousing, picking and packing. We only work with road-wrapped goods that are insured until they reach their final destination.

Supply chain

In a market that is growing incredibly fast, secure material flows are essential. Together with Senergia you can secure your deliveries. We work extremely closely with our suppliers to check market availability and product flows. In addition, we set up regular meetings and reconciliations with those customers who wish to optimize the workflow. Together with Senergia’s partners, stable material flows can be achieved, both by land, sea and rail.

Digital & Analogue tools

Senergia is a digital distributor where you as a customer get access to a lot of information via our webshop We also offer digital tools in the form of material calculators & dimensioning tools to facilitate calculations and orders, so that you have time for other things.


We also offer guides and handbooks both digitally and in print.

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